About Biryani On the Run

Good food in a busy world is hard to come by, especially if you don’t cook. We’ve all had that moment: reminiscing about our mom’s delicious biryani as we eat yet another pouch of ready made Raman noodles or something equally uninspiring. Biryani on the Run is your solution to biryani nostalgia. We provide the best biryani at the lowest price, straight to your office or residence. When we say “best” we mean best. To understand and appreciate how that’s possible, you need to know a little bit about Wasif, head chef at Biryani on the Run.

The story behind the Biryani on the Run.

Hi, my name is Wasif. And my passion is cooking. I want my passion to inspire and dazzle millions. Biryani to me isn’t just some South Asian dish. It’s a way of life. Its family. My grandmother first came up with the recipe to the biryani I cook. She passed it on to my mother. And, my mother passed it on to me. I was born with a ladle in my hand and a passion for spices. From a young age, I would find myself in my mother’s kitchen, taking in the delicious spicy smell wafting from the various pots and pans simmering on stove tops. But it was the biryani that my mother made that really caught my attention. Made from the freshest ingredients and the most expensive rice available, the biryani was something to behold and consume. The cacophony of taste, the explosion of the well marinated meat mixed with the perfectly cooked rice- the whole experience was mystical. And delicious. I want to welcome you to Biryani on the Run, and I want to make sure that we deliver the most perfect, mouth watering biryani straight to your office or residence whenever you so desire. And you shall desire it often. Trust me. I know.